Cheney Nixes Cabinet Push to Regulate Greenhouse Gases

The US House Select Committee on Global Warming released its report [.pdf] on Friday looking into the Bush Administration’s response to the Massachusetts vs. EPA Supreme Court decision which required the EPA to consider regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Much of the report is based on the sworn testimony of James Burnett–an ex-Deputy Administrator at the EPA.  According to the report, there was agreement on the need to regulate greenhouse gas emissions amongst the professional staff of the EPA and the cabinet heads of relevant federal agencies (e.g. Transportation, Energy, Commerce, Treasury, etc).

The EPA did consult with industry and encountered opposition from Exxon Mobil and the industry lobbying group, Edison Electric Institute, regarding regulation.  These energy industry officials suggested that the administration refrain from issuing any regulations.

The congressional report asserts that Cheney’s energy advisor, Chase Hutto III [resume .pdf], pushed the industry line within the White House and, inexplicably, the EPA and cabinet officials reversed their support for GHG regulation.

The report has gotten little notice in the media, except for the Wall Street Journal and a blog post at the LA Times.