This page is intended as an information resource for DePaul University students enrolled in my current courses. Given the fact that courses in public policy are fundamentally concerned with important issues facing civic life, it is essential for students to see the connections between the theory and analysis presented in class and contemporary examples of policy problems.

People with general interest in urban and environmental policy may also find this site useful as will former students and alumni of DePaul’s Public Policy Studies program.

Readers are encouraged to comment on posts. For contact information, please see my page on DePaul’s Public Policy Studies program website.


My research focuses on the social, economic, ecological and political aspects of metropolitan and urban policymaking.

I am especially interested in the phenomenon of suburbanization and the challenges facing suburbs as many attempt to initiate policies relating to sustainability. Additionally, I have published research on planned communities, looking at the ways in which these master-planned urban spaces reflect particular social values.

More information and links to publications can be found on my research page.


I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Public Policy Studies Program at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois where I offer courses in sustainability, metropolitan development, and envrionmental and urban policy.

I also teach in DePaul’s interdisciplinary Liberal Studies program. Visit my teaching page for current and historical course syllabi.